Idaho Falls CUSP

Diversity Subcommittee Key Indicators Dashboard


Key demographic data on Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Population Density

White Population

Black / African American


American Indian or Alaskan Native

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander

Hispanic or Latino

Predominant Race / Ethnicity

Diversity Index

Probability that two individuals chosen at random would be of different races or ethnicities.

Theild Index of Racial Segregation

The Theil index measures an entropic "distance" the population is away from the "ideal" egalitarian state of everyone having the same income. The numerical result is in terms of negative entropy so that a higher number indicates more order that is further away from the "ideal" of maximum disorder.

Median Age

Males Per 100 Females

Percent People with a Disability - Ages 18-64

In Poverty with a Disability

Military Veterans

Non-English Speaking Population

Percent Foreign Born Population

Living Outside State of Birth